February 2015 {You are Loved} “I Love You Box”

It’s here, beautiful twenty-fifteen, and already well on its way. With most of our subscribers holidaying in the first week of January we decided to start off our, "I Love You" boxes of 2015 in the month of February! Although every day should be filled with love, we especially adored February – the month to celebrate all things love! We believe you can never give or recieve enough love, after all, “it’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving!" - {Mother Teresa}.

So, what all went into this month’s love-box? Let’s take a look:

  • 1 x A6 post-card with a ‘You are Loved’ gold foil print
  • 1 x C6 kraft paper envelope with a glittery gold lining (our fav!)
  • 1 x mounted wall art 24.5cm x 20cm hand lettered ‘You are Loved’ gold foil print
  • 1 x bull-dog clip 6.5cm
  • 1 x A6 post-card with hot pink  ‘You are Loved’ & ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ with space for a photo
  • 1 x C6 kraft paper envelope with solid & outlined pink heart lining
  • 1 x DL white card with ‘XOXO’ printed in pink
  • 1 x DL hot pink envelope with shiny gold lining
  • 1 x A6 kraft paper card with ‘XOXO’ printed in black
  • 1 x C6 kraft paper envelope with solid & outlined black hearts lining
  • 4 x gift tags 10cm x 7.5cm with black & white bakers twine

The theme of "LOVE" in February is there not only to remind the special people in your life of how much you love them, but to serve as a reminder that you too are loved! This month’s box included a beautiful mounted wall artwork with the words ‘You are Loved’ hand lettered and printed in gold foil. They make a gorgeous gift for someone special – or a perfect prezzie for yourself! Use the bull-dog clip provided to hang it up wherever you’d like – as long as you’ll be able to see it often!

Cards, cards, cards – we love them! And because this month is about showing your love, this month’s "I Love You" box contained no less than four unique cards with matching envelopes. Goodie! With a range of styles and sizes to choose from, there’s a card – be it normal or post – for each of your favourite people. They can be customised with your own personal message – or even a photograph!

For the lucky ones who received more than a card on V-day, our box of love also included four fun gift tags with  black & white bakers twine to attach to any gift. Include your own personal message of love and appreciation, or even a gift description.

Pop on over to our online shoppe to purchase your "I Love You" box subscription. Our March personalised boxes left our studio in the first week of March and we can't wait to share with you the lovely goods that went inside. We're tooooo excited about the upcoming April Box.

Love Sam

July 2014 [Pen to Paper] “I Love You” Box

We have had so many of our lovely subscribers messaging us to rave about our July “I Love You” box and I can’t wait for you all to see the paperie goodness and love that went into each and every Elephantshoe box.

Just before our lovely intern Kathleen left for her new exciting travels she wrote our latest review. Take a look below. . .

Hi there, Kat here. I have to let you all in on a secret. Some might not believe me but I’m telling you, it's really true. Are you ready to hear this big secret? Alright? The thing is… The Elephantshoe Stationery Studio is a time machine!

It feels like it was just yesterday (*read* the month of June) that I stepped back into the warm and welcoming Elephantshoe Stationery Studio, and it’s just been go go go since then. I’ve worked on some wonderful projects with the team here and it’s been a lovely, creative and sometimes crazy adventure! Now, as I sit here preparing to write my last "I Love You" box post (I shouldn’t say “last” but it will be for a while), I’ve realized it’s July! As the icy winter days keep coming and my days here at Elephantshoe draw to a close, I bring to you the July [Pen to Paper] I Love You Box review.

We went old school this month and celebrated paper and the good old pen. Here’s what we included in the July box:

This month, and every month, we should go out of our way to ditch the emails and text messages every once in a while and take pen to paper. In other words, what we’re trying to say is, sloooooow down. We’re all living in our fast-paced, on-the-go bubbles – always rushing somewhere, but that’s life, and we all get a bit caught-up in it sometimes. But enough rambling – this is what we want to encourage you to do: write a little letter. Write it for a close friend, a caring mother, a great colleague, a special husband/wife or even a cousin who lives across the globe. The best part is it can be a quick and meaningful “I Love You” stuck to your significant other’s desk or a little update to a friend you want to reconnect with. To get you started, we’ve supplied our subscribers with a quirky little writing notepad and quirky “HELLO” eco-friendly pen. It all starts with a little “HELLO”… the rest is up to you.

Finished writing your little letter? Fold it in half, now pop it into your choice of our stylish kraft envelopes – scrambled letters or paper airplanes – and seal it with a nifty wax seal. Pop a postage stamp on from your nearest post office and your letter is ready to travel the world… or perhaps just down the road!

I can’t remember the last time I received a postcard from someone, but I can remember how happy I felt when I received a special message from a friend in the post. Make someone happy and send them a postcard. This month our subscribers received 4 custom, and totally awesome postcards – ready to make someone smile. The best part about them? They serve equally as some trendy/cool wall art for your home office. Pop it in a frame or stick it your wall and you’ll have a little reminder of that special friend/loved one.

There’s nothing quite like opening a wax-sealed envelope. The instant feeling of importance and elegance that surrounds it makes opening one of them just that extra special. But when you want to opt for something a little more casual – pop a cute sticker on. Or use one the stickers to hold your handwritten note to your friend’s desk.

Traveling somewhere soon or have a friend that’s about jet set off on an adventure? Why not attach one of our printed kraft tags to a special going-away gift or better yet – use them as trendy luggage tags!

Lastly, each subscriber received a handwritten letter to fill them in on the thought-process behind the July box. The letter was written with the sole purpose to explain, inspire and mostly just because we love you.

The letter went a little like this


Thank you for subscribing to this month’s Elephantshoe box of love.

We thought we’d mix it up a bit this month and leave the typed messages behind. We’ve been thinking a lot about what makes life special and lovely. Think of blue skies in summer, your first sip of tea, forehead kisses, tight hugs, brown paper packages tied up with string and handwritten letters.

This month we would like to encourage you to go old school and take pen to paper, dig up your favourite milky pens from school and write a little letter. There’s something really special and novel about receiving a handwritten note in the age of emails and text messages. It doesn’t need to be a long letter/an essay – just a simple “you looked great today” or “I love you” is perfect. It’s the thoughtful notes that go the furthest and mean the most.

So here you have your very own supplies to get you going. Fix yourself a hot drink, grab a blanket and let the words flow.

Happy writing!

Love Elephantshoe 

It’s been an absolute pleasure to be involved in the conceptualisation and production of the Elephantshoe “I Love You” boxes over the last couple of months. If you’re a subscriber or just a Ellieshoe follower – I hope you’ve enjoyed the contents and effort that’s gone into making them extra special for you.

Stay tuned for the August box of awesomeness that I’m pretty sure will blow your warm fuzzy socks right off!

Bye-bye for now,


Secret Shmecret! Septembers {Hello Spring “I love you” box}

Yippeeeee, it's time to reveal what subscribers received in their September “I love you” box. I've been so excited about this product and every time an order was placed through our online shoppe in the month of August my heart did a little jump. 

So I guess you may be asking yourself what exactly is an "I Love You" box"? Well, whether it’s Christmas, Valentines, Easter, a friends Birthday or you are feeling like it's Good to be Alive, we've curated & created a box of stationery goodies just for you. Sign up for a 1-, 3- or 6-month subscription, and every month a NEW parcel of awesomeness will arrive at your doorstep . Simply open it up, pour yourself a glass of mmm and unwrap one treat after the next from twine to stamps to bags and tags, we believe nothing says I love you quite like a box from Elephantshoe. 


Our very first set of subscription boxes were shipped out last Monday, these parcels were filled with the joys of spring.  


Don't forget to sign up for Octobers box and receive a whole NEW collection of goodness. OR send this to friends & family as a gift