June 2015 {Life is for living, for loving & definitely for fun} Love Box

Life is short, it's busy, it's happy, it's sad. We learn new things, we teach others things. There's good news and bad news, there's good times and bad times. Everyday brings about something fresh whether it is positive or negative and what we have realised is that through it all  . . .

Life is for living,

for loving

and definitely for fun.

We never will know what tomorrow will bring but we can love our family, friends and all people fiercely. We can live life to the full, take on new adventures and challenges. We can change things up and just go for it. "When nothing is certain, everything is possible".

Our June, "I Love You" Box is all about this, encouraging our subscribers to choose to have a great day everyday no matter the circumstances, to inspire our followers to turn dreams into actions and at the heart of it all to love with their full heart.

Since the launch of our online shoppe this Elephantshoe quote has been at the core of our business and we have used this to inspire the pieces in our June Box of Love.

"To the simple life. A life of beauty. A life of love. A life made lovely by the things we say and do. The words we whisper, the gifts we give and the celebration of all things good in between. To more Yes, and less No, to squishy mud between the toes, laundry is for later, love is for now. Let’s dream in the sun or sip cocoa through melted marshmallows, because life is for living, for loving and definitely fun." - Elephantshoe

Let's take a little sneak look at all the items that went into our latest "I Love You" Box

  • 1 x Black Wall Vinyl Sticker with the quote "today is a good day to have a great day"
  • 4 x Inspirational A6 Postcards
  • 1 x Box Mounted Wall Art Canvas with custom Elephantshoe design and quote
Elephantshoe I Love You Box
Elephantshoe I Love You Box Wall Vinyl
Elephantshoe I Love You Box Postcards

This is a quote a friend shared with us recently and we feel brings about a lot of hope and encouragement, it excites us and reminds us that absolutely anything is possible. How awesome it that!! When things in your future seem a little uncertain remember this.

Elephantshoe I Love You Box Postcards
Elephantshoe I Love You Box Artwork
Elephantshoe I Love You Box
Elephantshoe I Love You Box

We hope that this has inspired you to think about some of those wonderful goals and ideas that have been sitting on your heart. Just give it a go, you never know what awesome things could come from it. Things that could change your life as well as those around you.

Our "I Love You" Boxes are not available to purchase currently as we make a few changes here at Elephantshoe (all to be revealed soon). We do however have our "The Serious Deal Box of Love" for sale. Visit our online shoppe to find out a little more.

Elephantshoe I Love You Box

March 2015 {My custom notebook} "I Love You" Box

Time has "MARCHED" on and I'm a little behind on this years "I Love You" Box subscription reveal posts. I'm sure you are wondering what Elephantshoe goodness went into our March, April, May and June boxes of love and I am going to attempt to share it ALL with you today. (EEAK - that is a big task).

Well, lets get to it, our March Box was all about one of our very favourite things – personalisation! What could be better than your very own, customised notepads & stickers? Leave a note from "Your" desk, surprise your specials and brighten up their day with a thoughtful message from the heart with loveliness and sincerity!

In this month’s box we’ve included some pretty custom goods. Let’s take a look at them all:

  • 1 x Monogrammed water-colour notepad 12.75cm x 18.5cm
  • 1 x ‘From the Desk of’ personalized pastel notepad 13cm x 9cm
  • 1 x ‘A Little Note From’ personalized water-colour notepad 13cm x 9cm
  • 1 x Personalised ‘List’ notepad 18cm x 9cm
  • 3 x ‘With love’ personalized rectangular stickers with pastel coloured glasses
  • 4 x Monogram circular stickers, black & white
  • 6 x Personalized ‘with love’ pastel-colour circular stickers: pink, black and turquoise
  • 3 x ‘Just a Little Something to Say’ personalized gift stickers
  • 4 x Personalized monogram gift sticker
  • 1 x pink pen
List Pads Elephantshoe

Days are busy and it's easy to get a bit muddled and confused with our tasks and "to do" lists. At Elephantshoe we love lists; Shopping lists, to-do lists, packing lists, guest lists, movies-to-watch lists, places-I-want-to-visit list… the list of lists goes on! Use your unique notepad to make as many lists as you like, perfect for keeping track of daily chaos !

Although we love love love cards and epic envelopes, we also love the idea of merging stickers, gift tags and cards all into one wonderful package!

March's love box  included seven of these versatile creations! ‘Just a little something to say… from {your name}’ stickers in pretty pink and terrific turquoise, with 5 lines of space for you to fill in the your message! Pop it onto your prezzie with the greatest of ease, and there you have it – a stickered-gift-tag-card! What a perfect way to finish off the packaging of any pretty prezzie!

Personal List Pad

Moving into the business end of things, the second notepad included in this love-box is great for the working world! How many times have you popped in to talk to a co-worker, only to find them busy on the phone, or running an errand of their own? Use your ‘From the Desk of’ notepad to leave a message or question on the desk of your work friend. My note might read, "URGENT, when you visit the vending machine PLEASE buy me a chocolate bar . . . from the desk of Sam". 

With three cute pairs of glasses in fresh pretty colours, this note won't get lost or forgotten and is stacks more fun than sending a boring old email!

Personalized Elephantshoe Notebook

These days it’s so easy to send off a speedy SMS, Whatsapp or even a Facebook message when we need to communicate with each other – but there’s something thoughtful, special and sweet about a good, old-fashioned note!

Our next notepad to be included in this month’s box of love-goodies has a pretty personalised water-coloured monogram at the top, surrounded by coral-pink flowers and mint-green leaves. Printed at the bottom of the page is ‘Love {your name}.’ This pad is lovely for leaving a sweet message for a loved one to find, whether it’s on the bed, in a lunchbox, under a pillow or on a car seat!

Personalized Elephantshoe Watercolour Notepads and stickers

Stickered gift tags are often more convenient to use on precious prezzies. Use your pretty personalised stickers to WOW! your friends and loved ones . There were six circular ‘with love {your name}’ stickers in three beautiful colours – pink, black and turquoise – and three ‘with love from {your name}’ rectangular stickers with cute pastel coloured glasses inside each "I Love You" Box!

Personalised elephantshoe Stickers

Our things – and office supplies especially – can often run away from us, get lost, or even accidently adopted! Stop this madness by decorating your personal possessions with your pretty personalised circular monogram stickers. Perfect for pasting on your stapler, hole-puncher, laptop, notebook, stationery bag, lunch-box and water bottle. Or you could use them more traditionally as an easily identifiable notifier, to let friends and family know that a gift is from you!

Mongram Elephantshoe Stickers

For less of a love note and more of a practical reminder, you can use your ‘A Little Note From {Your Name}’ to do the deed. With a beautiful sweep of coral-pink watercolour paint across the top of the page, use these nifty notes to remind a friend or family member of something important you’d like them to do, or of an event or occasion, to leave a message or even to ask a question.

It’ll bring a smile to someone’s face – and a smile is a curve that sets everything straight! {Phyllis Diller}.

Elephantshoe Personalised Notepad

This was one of our all time favourite "I Love You" Boxes, we had so much joy in the design and production process and we hope that all of our March subscribers loved them too!

A little note from Sam . . . Our "I Love You" Boxes are not available to purchase currently as we make a few changes here at Elephantshoe (all to be revealed soon). We do however have our "The Serious Deal Box of Love" for sale. Visit our online shoppe to find out a little more.

Love Sam

October 2014 {Personalised Stationery & Wax Sealing} "I Love You Box"

Wasn't it just yesterday when we were excited about floral dresses and fresh blooms in the garden with our September, "I Love You Box" ? Now we’re already well into our celebration of sunny January summery days, where has the time gone to?! From sitting under the Christmas tree unwrapping our presents to welcoming the New Year of 2015 time marches on. We've been dying to share the last three lovely "I Love You Box" contents from last year. Over the next few weeks we will reveal our November & December Boxes too - hooray! But enough of whats to come, let’s get back to October and what we do best, stationery. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we loooove personalised stationery!

What better way to finish off the busy year of 2014 with some personalised stationery of your own? Let’s take a peek at what went into October’s box of love:

  • 1 x personalised monogram brass 18mm wax sealing tool
  • 1 x gold wax sealing stick
  • 1 x silver wax sealing stick
  • 1 x white wax sealing stick
  • 1 x black wax sealing stick
  • 1 x silver DL envelope lined with black polka dots
  • 1 x gold DL envelope lined with black diagonal stripes
  • 1 x black DL envelope
  • 1 x kraft DL envelope lined with black diagonal stripes
  • 4 x DL white personalised correspondence notecards with custom name and monogram
  • 3 x DL white personalised tags with custom name, monogram and black & white bakers twine
  • 4 x monogram stickers

When it comes to stationery, old school wins! Each subscriber got one of our favourite things, their very own custom monogrammed wax sealing tool complete with 4 sticks of wax. A wax seal has a simple uncomplicated beauty, pop it on the flap of an envelope or gift to add an extra touch of elegance. We heart monochrome tones; black & white but we couldn’t resist adding in a stick of gold and silver too.

Has someone done something nice for you in the last few days? Did someone help you move, deliver a package, feed your pets while you were away or even make you a cup of coffee when you were having a hectic day at work? You can say “THANK YOU” for the big favours or even the smallest deeds done for you by others. Show your gratitude with one of your awesome personalised notecards. Place your special card in your envelope of choice: polka dots or stripes, and seal it with a wax seal and a kiss (if you’re feeling generous!).

For something that is quick and informal, you can use one of your personalised tags with custom name and monogram. Attach it with the black and white bakers twine to a bunch of flowers or even a slab of chocolate. It’s good to give thanks and treat those around you.

If you’re feeling a little sentimental (and you want to hold onto those cards with your name on for a little longer) – not to worry – keep them in a drawer and save them for a rainy day.

We stuck to the theme and placed our subscribers’ monograms on more paperie goods… STICKERS! Little parcels have never looked better! Add it as a finishing touch to a special package from you to him or her. Or, write a not-so-anonymous note for someone special and stick a sticker on to keep it in place.

We believe in spreading kind words and speaking your mind. Use your personalised goodies to put the cherry on top of any parcel, letter or favour.

Stay tuned for November and December’s reveal posts coming to the blog soon! Santa has definitely paid a visit to the Elephantshoe studio. Happy writing, sealing and giving!

Our February surprise subscription  "I Love You Box" is still on sale! Visit our Elephantshoe online shoppe to purchase it for yourself or someone you care for and celebrate Valentines . . . the month of LOVE.

OR you can purchase this very wax sealing box from our shoppe here.

Love Sam