November 2015 "Making Dreams Happen" Free Digital Calendar

Gosh, it's been three months already since our BIG move to England. It's been jam packed with highs and lows and all of a sudden here I am writing this post in our new little housie in London. It's rather icy & misty outside and I'm happy to have a cup of tea by my side. (It just happens to be my favourite Five Roses the extra strong select African blend that you can't buy in any South African stores here. Kindly sent over with my brother from my mom in law - sometimes you just need those little special things from family to remind you of South Africa). P.S I didn't get paid to write that, I really just LOVE the stuff.

With all the change that comes with a move, I've had to let go of things that I've held onto so tightly over the years, physical items like my great big gorgeous glass jar collection and unseen items like ideas, plans and thoughts. I've been forced to look into my future in a new light which has been really difficult but at the same time exciting. Sometimes I can spend a little too much time dreaming and not enough time actually doing which can be frustrating.

Maybe you are feeling the same? The good news is that the year is not up yet and we still have two months to take JUST ONE OF OUR IDEAS AND MAKE IT HAPPEN! Don't try to take on all of your dreams at once, if you can succeed in one it will give you the confidence to continue dreaming and doing. It takes action to turn your thoughts into reality and sometimes it can be easier than you think.

I've also started using a task management app which I am really enjoying called GNEO, their philosophy is Dream. Plan. Do. I love that by organising my "TO DO" list I can break down my dreams and my daily tasks into small bite size actions. I like the way that Frank Degenaar uses the app as he creates a notebook for everyday of the month, this might help you too? You can see a little more about how he does this here. GNEO Blog

I definitely have a long way to go in becoming more productive in my day but for now I've created a NOVEMBER CALENDAR WALLPAPER to inspire you. "it's not in the dreaming, it's in the doing" . Download your Free Desktop Wallpaper

November Desktop Calendar
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