June 2015 {Life is for living, for loving & definitely for fun} Love Box

Life is short, it's busy, it's happy, it's sad. We learn new things, we teach others things. There's good news and bad news, there's good times and bad times. Everyday brings about something fresh whether it is positive or negative and what we have realised is that through it all  . . .

Life is for living,

for loving

and definitely for fun.

We never will know what tomorrow will bring but we can love our family, friends and all people fiercely. We can live life to the full, take on new adventures and challenges. We can change things up and just go for it. "When nothing is certain, everything is possible".

Our June, "I Love You" Box is all about this, encouraging our subscribers to choose to have a great day everyday no matter the circumstances, to inspire our followers to turn dreams into actions and at the heart of it all to love with their full heart.

Since the launch of our online shoppe this Elephantshoe quote has been at the core of our business and we have used this to inspire the pieces in our June Box of Love.

"To the simple life. A life of beauty. A life of love. A life made lovely by the things we say and do. The words we whisper, the gifts we give and the celebration of all things good in between. To more Yes, and less No, to squishy mud between the toes, laundry is for later, love is for now. Let’s dream in the sun or sip cocoa through melted marshmallows, because life is for living, for loving and definitely fun." - Elephantshoe

Let's take a little sneak look at all the items that went into our latest "I Love You" Box

  • 1 x Black Wall Vinyl Sticker with the quote "today is a good day to have a great day"
  • 4 x Inspirational A6 Postcards
  • 1 x Box Mounted Wall Art Canvas with custom Elephantshoe design and quote
Elephantshoe I Love You Box
Elephantshoe I Love You Box Wall Vinyl
Elephantshoe I Love You Box Postcards

This is a quote a friend shared with us recently and we feel brings about a lot of hope and encouragement, it excites us and reminds us that absolutely anything is possible. How awesome it that!! When things in your future seem a little uncertain remember this.

Elephantshoe I Love You Box Postcards
Elephantshoe I Love You Box Artwork
Elephantshoe I Love You Box
Elephantshoe I Love You Box

We hope that this has inspired you to think about some of those wonderful goals and ideas that have been sitting on your heart. Just give it a go, you never know what awesome things could come from it. Things that could change your life as well as those around you.

Our "I Love You" Boxes are not available to purchase currently as we make a few changes here at Elephantshoe (all to be revealed soon). We do however have our "The Serious Deal Box of Love" for sale. Visit our online shoppe to find out a little more.

Elephantshoe I Love You Box

May 2015 {Quirky Happy Birthday} "I Love You" Box

On the 30th of April it was our Elephantshoe blogs official 5 year Birthday. Wow, I started writing here on our the Ellieshoe blog all the way back in 2010, it was a leap of faith and a chance for me to do what was in my heart, to put action to my thoughts and dreams. {If you'd like you can read my very first and short post here under LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE .} My my what a wonderful journey it has been, it wouldn't have been as wonderful or possible without all the lovely & amazing people that follow our posts, download our free printables and order our Elephantshoe goods from our online shoppe. THANK YOU so much!!

To celebrate our Birthday we themed our May "I Love You" box as our Quirky Happy Birthday Box. There were some pretty awesome goods inside to help all of our May subscribers make their own cards, tags and paper bags & to encourage them to get creative and wrap up the Birthday gifts they give in lovely Elephantshoe inspired parcels.

Let's see all the Birthday wrapping goodies that went inside each Love Box.

  • 1 x Maple Wooden 'Happy Birthday to You' Stamp in a Kraft Square Box
  • 5 x Variety Large Flag Tags with Bakers Twine
  • 5 x Variety Bakerstwine and Hemp Cord Card Set in Dusty Pink, Purple & Natural Colours
  • 1 x Lavender C6 Envelope with Black Confetti Liner & 'Happy Birthday' Card
  • 1 x "Ice Lolly & Cupcake" printed C6 Envelope with 'Make a Wish' Card
  • 1 x Kraft C6 Spiral Printed Envelope with a 'Lets Party Mkay' Card
  • 1 x Blush Pink C6 Envelope with Spotted Liner with a 'Happy Birthday Balloon' Card
  • 5 x Round Stickers with Cupcake, Ice Lolly & Lets Party Mkay Designs
  • 9 x Paper Bitty Bags (Large Kraft, Small Kraft, White, Purple Chevron, Small Kraft with Stripes)
Elephantshoe I Love You Box

A Birthday Box surprise for a one of our subscribers celebrating her Birthday. We love creating custom tags with special messages from our online shoppers.

Our favourite and most versatile product in this months box was our "Happy Birthday to you" maple wooden stamp. This little winner can be used to stamp tags, cards, envelopes, stickers and wrapping paper to get your HAPPY message across. Presented in a small kraft box that our subscribers could use to package up a small gift for a friend, family member or colleague.

Happy Birthday Stamp Elephantshoe

A handy set of 5 quirky 'ice lolly, cupcake, yay, and make a wish' flag tags were included in each box. These came with twine attached so that they can quickly be attached to a gift be it a wrapped pressie, bottle of wine or bunch of pretty flowers.

Choose a simple wrapping paper (i'm sure you've noticed that we have a love for brown kraft), stamp with your new maple wooden stamp and tie with one of the twine colours included on our Elephantshoe sorbet twine card set. Ta-da and you are sorted with your gift wrapping. A cute solution for presenting your Birthday gifts in a cheerful way.

Elephantshoe tags

What's a Birthday box without a fun selection of Birthday cards and lined envelopes? Mix and match your cards with your envelopes and of course most importantly send a special message with your Birthday pressie.

Elephantshoe Card and Envelope
Elephantshoe Card and envelope
Elephantshoe Card and Envelope

Our Elephantshoe Birthday stickers are perfect to close the back of your envelopes, a bitty bag or to simply place on the top of your gift wrap. Something small that can customise your gifting and add some extra happiness.

Elephantshoe Stickers
Elephantshoe Paper Bags
Elephantshoe I Love You Box

And there it is our May "I Love You" box ready to rumble and spread a little jolly around over special Birthday times.

Our "I Love You" Boxes are not available to purchase currently as we make a few changes here at Elephantshoe (all to be revealed soon). We do however have our "The Serious Deal Box of Love" for sale. Visit our online shoppe to find out a little more.

Elephantshoe I Love you Box

April 2015 {My kitchen is for dancing} "I Love You" Box

Some folks want to know what was in our April 2015 "I Love You" box?

Well, we’ll finally tell you, some special Easter goodness to make your time in the kitchen a happy experience. With pretty prints, wooden boards, organising labels, recipe cards and yummy soft toffee you just can't go wrong.

  • 1 x A5 Kraft Kitchen Artwork {My Kitchen is for Dancing}
  • 1 x Trudeau wooden board
  • 1 x Soft Toffee {with Easter bunny postage stamp sticker}
  • 1 set of "Hot Beverage" Clear Adhesive Pantry Lables
  • 1 set of "Baking" Clear Adhesive Pantry Lables
  • 6 x "from my kitchen with love" Embossed Recipe Cards
Elephantshoe I Love You Box
Elephantshoe I love you box

Each April "I Love You" Box received a mounted kraft kitchen print.

Frame this paperie treat and pop it on your kitchen wall or on your shelf with your cookbooks to add a whimsical feel to your kitchen.

Kitchen Print Elephantshoe

Beautiful Trudeau boards are hand crafted from French oak wine barrels and are produced in the Franschhoek valley. We love that the French oak used for these barrels is over a hundred years old and was first growing prior to the First World War. {That's pretty amazing and unique}

The board in April's Love box is perfect size to serve a small selection of yummy cheese or chocolate at your next lunch/dinner party.

Kitchen Wooden Board Elephantshoe
Kitchen Wooden Board Elephantshoe

Recently we created some handy neat & natural Pantry Free Printables as a DIY project over on theprettyblog. While it is fun to download and print, we have given all of our April "I Love You" Box subscribers their own sets of both the "Hot Beverage" and "Baking" labels as clear adhesive stickers. These are beautiful as the clear sticker allows for your ingredients to shine through the label which we think creates a really pretty effect in your pantry.

Pantry adhesive Label Elephantshoe
Clear Pantry Stickers

Keep your best family recipes all in one place with our beautiful "from my kitchen, made with love" embossed recipe cards. Use them in your kitchen or package them up for a friend as a great gift. Perfect for a bridal shower, kitchen tea or housewarming spoil. every subscriber received 6 of these handy cards with classic round corners.

Recipe Cards Elephantshoe
Elephantshoe I Love You Box

We hope that all of our April subscribers have felt the Elephantshoe love in their kitchens.

Our "I Love You" Boxes are not available to purchase currently as we make a few changes here at Elephantshoe (all to be revealed soon). We do however have our "The Serious Deal Box of Love" for sale. Visit our online shoppe to find out a little more.

Elephantshoe I love you Box