February 2016 "Pantone Colour of the Year" Desktop Calendar

It's the month of LOVE, our favourite month here at Elephantshoe.


To celebrate both our heart for this month and our adoration for the utterly romantic PANTONE COLOURS OF THE YEAR, Rose Quartz and Serenity we have designed a FREE Desktop Wallpaper and Calendar for you. Created from watercolour art works that we have hand painted, this digital download will add a dash of loveliness to your home, work or mobile office.

Our very own Elephantshoe studio here in London has just opened officially, a place to design and create and we are already working on pretty wedding stationery, small business branding and getting our beloved online shoppe up and running again so that you can purchase our paperie and gifting products with the click of a button.

Romance is in the air AND on your computer desktop. Download our FREE DESKTOP CALENDAR.

Free Desktop Calendar Pantone
Free Desktop Calendar Pantone Rose Quartz Serenity

March 2015 {My custom notebook} "I Love You" Box

Time has "MARCHED" on and I'm a little behind on this years "I Love You" Box subscription reveal posts. I'm sure you are wondering what Elephantshoe goodness went into our March, April, May and June boxes of love and I am going to attempt to share it ALL with you today. (EEAK - that is a big task).

Well, lets get to it, our March Box was all about one of our very favourite things – personalisation! What could be better than your very own, customised notepads & stickers? Leave a note from "Your" desk, surprise your specials and brighten up their day with a thoughtful message from the heart with loveliness and sincerity!

In this month’s box we’ve included some pretty custom goods. Let’s take a look at them all:

  • 1 x Monogrammed water-colour notepad 12.75cm x 18.5cm
  • 1 x ‘From the Desk of’ personalized pastel notepad 13cm x 9cm
  • 1 x ‘A Little Note From’ personalized water-colour notepad 13cm x 9cm
  • 1 x Personalised ‘List’ notepad 18cm x 9cm
  • 3 x ‘With love’ personalized rectangular stickers with pastel coloured glasses
  • 4 x Monogram circular stickers, black & white
  • 6 x Personalized ‘with love’ pastel-colour circular stickers: pink, black and turquoise
  • 3 x ‘Just a Little Something to Say’ personalized gift stickers
  • 4 x Personalized monogram gift sticker
  • 1 x pink pen
List Pads Elephantshoe

Days are busy and it's easy to get a bit muddled and confused with our tasks and "to do" lists. At Elephantshoe we love lists; Shopping lists, to-do lists, packing lists, guest lists, movies-to-watch lists, places-I-want-to-visit list… the list of lists goes on! Use your unique notepad to make as many lists as you like, perfect for keeping track of daily chaos !

Although we love love love cards and epic envelopes, we also love the idea of merging stickers, gift tags and cards all into one wonderful package!

March's love box  included seven of these versatile creations! ‘Just a little something to say… from {your name}’ stickers in pretty pink and terrific turquoise, with 5 lines of space for you to fill in the your message! Pop it onto your prezzie with the greatest of ease, and there you have it – a stickered-gift-tag-card! What a perfect way to finish off the packaging of any pretty prezzie!

Personal List Pad

Moving into the business end of things, the second notepad included in this love-box is great for the working world! How many times have you popped in to talk to a co-worker, only to find them busy on the phone, or running an errand of their own? Use your ‘From the Desk of’ notepad to leave a message or question on the desk of your work friend. My note might read, "URGENT, when you visit the vending machine PLEASE buy me a chocolate bar . . . from the desk of Sam". 

With three cute pairs of glasses in fresh pretty colours, this note won't get lost or forgotten and is stacks more fun than sending a boring old email!

Personalized Elephantshoe Notebook

These days it’s so easy to send off a speedy SMS, Whatsapp or even a Facebook message when we need to communicate with each other – but there’s something thoughtful, special and sweet about a good, old-fashioned note!

Our next notepad to be included in this month’s box of love-goodies has a pretty personalised water-coloured monogram at the top, surrounded by coral-pink flowers and mint-green leaves. Printed at the bottom of the page is ‘Love {your name}.’ This pad is lovely for leaving a sweet message for a loved one to find, whether it’s on the bed, in a lunchbox, under a pillow or on a car seat!

Personalized Elephantshoe Watercolour Notepads and stickers

Stickered gift tags are often more convenient to use on precious prezzies. Use your pretty personalised stickers to WOW! your friends and loved ones . There were six circular ‘with love {your name}’ stickers in three beautiful colours – pink, black and turquoise – and three ‘with love from {your name}’ rectangular stickers with cute pastel coloured glasses inside each "I Love You" Box!

Personalised elephantshoe Stickers

Our things – and office supplies especially – can often run away from us, get lost, or even accidently adopted! Stop this madness by decorating your personal possessions with your pretty personalised circular monogram stickers. Perfect for pasting on your stapler, hole-puncher, laptop, notebook, stationery bag, lunch-box and water bottle. Or you could use them more traditionally as an easily identifiable notifier, to let friends and family know that a gift is from you!

Mongram Elephantshoe Stickers

For less of a love note and more of a practical reminder, you can use your ‘A Little Note From {Your Name}’ to do the deed. With a beautiful sweep of coral-pink watercolour paint across the top of the page, use these nifty notes to remind a friend or family member of something important you’d like them to do, or of an event or occasion, to leave a message or even to ask a question.

It’ll bring a smile to someone’s face – and a smile is a curve that sets everything straight! {Phyllis Diller}.

Elephantshoe Personalised Notepad

This was one of our all time favourite "I Love You" Boxes, we had so much joy in the design and production process and we hope that all of our March subscribers loved them too!

A little note from Sam . . . Our "I Love You" Boxes are not available to purchase currently as we make a few changes here at Elephantshoe (all to be revealed soon). We do however have our "The Serious Deal Box of Love" for sale. Visit our online shoppe to find out a little more.

Love Sam