Novembers {follow your heart} "I Love You" Box

So some folks would love to know what was in November's "I Love You" box? Take a peek here. 

  • 1 x custom neon pink screen printed tote bag
  • 1 x custom neon pink screen printed moleskin notebook
  • 2 x laser engraved wooden lead pencils
  • 8 x pink/mint spotted, stripped and chevron paper straws
  • 4 x round heart stickers in mint and pink
  • 1 x pink/mint washi tape 

Novembers SURPRISE box of stationery goodness is all about "following your heart". What could be more important? The feeling you get deep inside when you know that something is right or wrong for you. Be courageous, be strong and follow your heart in everything you do and happiness will surely follow you. 


Screen printed tote bags in NEON PINK.


Bright pink, light pink and mint Washi Tape, Stickers and Paper Straws a variety of cute patterns. 


Beautiful natural wooden lead pencils with a laser engraved "follow your heart" message.


Remember to sign up for December's Christmas "I Love You" Box to receive a surprise parcel of Elephantshoe goodness. It's the perfect gift for friends, family and even yourself before the holidays and today just happens to be the last day to sign up before we ship out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.