A DIY project for every other Wednesday : Washi Tape Wanders

HOORAY for making it half way through this week! Welcome to the first of our new posts, "A DIY project for every other Wednesday". Today we’re bringing a pretty and decorative DIY your way. We know washi tape isn’t exactly the new kid on the block in the craft world but we just can’t seem to shake our love for this amazing sticky tape! We hope to inspire you with a few cute ideas so you can see just how easy it is to use this versatile little tape. The list is endless really (and that’s just another reason why we love this stuff!).  You can purchase the ones featured in this post from our Elephantshoe online shoppe.

From sprucing up ordinary tea light candles (a great way to add some romance to the dinner table, bedroom or even bathroom), sticking inspirational pictures to your office wall, giving a boring notebook a makeover, adding a touch of YOU to your phone cover, finishing off a lovely parcel for a dear friend, to decorating some glass jars for bits and bobs. If all of those ideas still don’t inspire you buy a roll and keep it on standby because it’s just pretty to look at too!

Stripes + spots + geometric shapes = LOVE   Make an old book look brand new with your own personalised patterns.

Wrap the tops of plain wooden cutlery to bring in your chosen colours and patterns for your party. 

Display portfolio pieces, photographs and prints. This handy tape sticks to walls and isn't permanent like a hole in your wall. 

Transform plain glass jars and vases with a dash of tape.