December 2014 {Fall in Love with your Life} “I Love You Box”

December… the very last – and often elusive – month of the year! It mostly means a super crazy yet splendid time! Well-deserved holidays with fun outings and lots of lazy days are on the cards for most of us. Looking back over the year, the achievements and memories, and even starting to look forward to the new year! While we would all love to stay on holiday forever, most of us have got to get back to our jobs eventually, and at times this can be a little bit gloomy. This is often accompanied by a hard to keep and quickly forgotten list of New Year’s resolutions.

So, the theme of this month’s box of love is to appreciate your life, and fall in love with it everyday, as well as to get excited for the year ahead – the big twenty fifteen. With Christmas falling into the month of December we decided that our subscribers should receive a gift for themselves, a gift to pop under the tree and open on Christmas day. We have however had word that many of them didn't make it to Christmas morning and were opened just a day or two after they were received. Hey that's o.k we know it's tricky to leave an "I Love You" Box unopened.

Let’s take a looksee at what went into this cheerful, up-beat box:

Although New Year’s resolutions are supposed to create positive changes in our lives, they can sometimes have the opposite effect if we don’t quite manage to complete them. So, instead of a list of resolutions, this month’s box of love contains a bucket list! Any time is the perfect time to live out your bucket list. This is a list of encouragement, a reminder of your dreams and goals, your hopes and potential adventures. It’s so easy to forget about these things during the hustle and bustle of daily life, but this lovely list will remind you that there’s more to life than just your job. You can pop it onto the fridge with your two eye-catching, inspirational magnets – a bold black one that reminds you to “fall in love with your life” and a pretty pink one with tiny hearts all over it, because we just can’t get enough of all things love!

Each subscriber also received a daily planner, a unique plan of action to take note of some of the most important things in your day. It’s organization station – with a fun and exciting twist! Not only does it include a to-do list and a space for personal notes, it also has a section for recording your daily appointments, high priority tasks and even the people you may need to get back to. Falling in line with the positive energy of this month’s love-box, the planner has an area to write down things – one or more – that you are grateful for, as well as another reminder to “fall in love with your life everyday!” How jolly! On the health-side of things, you can keep track of how many glasses of water you have had to drink during the day, as well as the number of minutes of exercise that you’ve managed to do. “Being organized is about living the way you want to live, but better.” {Andrew Mellen}

Finally, what would the year be without at least one calendar to keep track of the days, weeks and months? Rather than the space-munching calendar giants that you can hang on your wall, this month’s box included a mini calendar that you can prop up on your desk or next to your bed with the artist’s easel that it stands on. With the colours teal, pink, black, and white, fun patterns and cool quotes, this mini calendar is perfect for some quick date referencing, or just to remind yourself of what day it is!

The December “I Love You” box is filled with love and happiness that we hope will inspire, motivate and excite you for the year ahead! Remember to live the life you love, and love the life you live!

We can't wait to reveal what went into our February Box of Love. Coming to the blog soon. *With early January being a time when most of our subscribers were away from their delivery addresses this years boxes began in Feb.

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