November 2014 {Christmas Wrapping} “I Love You Box”

Yes, it's February already but we're taking a moment to reminisce about last years "I Love You" Boxes. After all, you've just got to know what all our subscribers received and we are finally sharing it all with you.

First up our Christmas Wrapping Box . . . The month of November meant that one of the most exciting times of year was upon us again! Some of our favourite things were popping up – decorations, cake, carols and, of course, presents! We all love receiving gifts, but this wonderful time allows us to give to others as well – and what a fabulous feeling that can be! After all, “no-one has ever become poor by giving!” (Anne Frank).

We supplied all our lovely subscribers with their boxes of love filled with the essential items they'd need to wrap and prettify their special Christmas gifts for loved ones. These were sent out in November so that everyone could be prepared with their shopping lists and goodies before Christmas craziness hit. 

Let’s take a look at what went inside:

  • 1 x clay star ornament with ‘love’ stamped on it, with red & white bakers twine
  • 1 x roll of unique gold geometric washi tape
  • 1 x ‘To and From’ 11.5cm x 5.5cm wooden stamp
  • 1 x little black ink pad
  • 4 x larger gift tags with gold natural twine, for the stamp
  • 4 x old fashioned present tags, with a white craft ring-binder and red & white bakers twine
  • 4 x mini craft tags with silver natural twine
  • 3 x darker brown paper packets 21cm x 10 cm with serrated edge
  • 3 x lighter brown paper packets 21cm x 12.5cm with serrated edge
  • 2 x brown paper packets 21.5cm x 17.5cm with snowflake edge
  • 2 x A5 cards with “Merry Christmas” and “Season’s Greetings”
  • 2 x C5 kraft paper envelopes with old-fashioned tying mechanism and red & white bakers twine
  • 1 x Christmas gift list

For some, wrapping presents can be a bit of a chore especially at such a busy time of year. However in every job that must be done there is an element of fun - and you’ll find the fun in no time with the help of these beautiful and unique wrapping materials! Each subscriber received a clay star-shaped ornament with the word ‘love’ stamped on it, which could be kept for oneself as a tree decoration & reminder of the true spirit of Christmas – or given to a loved one tied onto a gift, or even as a gift in itself!

Make your gifts stand out by closing – and even decorating – your pressies with your gold or grey washi tape! Each box contained 1 slightly different geometrically patterned roll of tape. Hooray for washi tape I say, I say!

Once your gifts are wrapped, it can be unfortunately easy to lose track of whose is whose! Lucky everyone received a beautiful wooden stamp with the space for filling in who an item belongs to and who it is from – what a wonderful alternative to gift label stickers! With four larger, old fashioned blank present tags and a personal pad of black ink, you can stamp away and make your very own Christmas tags and bags.

Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of our favorite things! Each subscriber received eight brown paper packets of various shapes and sizes, ideal for small, thoughtful gifts – after all, “its not the size of the gift, but the size of the heart that matters!” (G Batiste). Sweeties, chocolates, vouchers, hand-made crafts or even personal coupons will all fit beautifully into these goodie bags! If you don’t fancy tying up your brown paper package with string, you can also use your washi tape and stamp to label each packet.

If you’d prefer a more personal touch, you can hand-write eight of your own gift identifiers on any of the slightly smaller, old-fashioned present tags with cheerful red & white bakers twine, or the mini craft tags with sparkly silver twine! They make a special keepsake and reminder to cherish even after the gift has been opened and enjoyed.

Far in distance but near at heart…

It’s a big wide world, and sometimes loved ones are much further away than we would like them to be. Never fear, Christmas wishes can be delightfully conveyed through a good, old-fashioned card! With two options to choose from, as well as accompanying brown kraft paper envelopes, your thoughts and love can fly through the sky on Santa’s sleigh to reach any loved one, no matter how far away!

At the end of the day, with many of us being blessed enough to have lots of loved ones, it can become a bit confusing as to who you gave what to – or to remember a great gift idea you had for someone. Well, take out a Christmas Gift List from the box of love! Pop it on your fridge, or take it in your bag, to easily keep track of what you would like to give people, if you’ve bought it, stayed in your budget and whether you’ve wrapped it already or not!

With lots of time until the day, exciting wrapping and tagging materials, as well as a list to help you keep track of it all, you won’t want your gift wrapping to take the back seat! Let wrapping each gift give you the feeling of opening your own on Christmas morning, with the help of the November 2014 ‘I love you’ box!

With our November, December and February "I Love You" Boxes in the past, you'll be happy to know that our March Box of love is now for sale. Head on over to our online shoppe to subscribe and receive your box of stationery goodness for yourself or a friend.