"Naughty or Nice? My Christmas Spoil & Hint List"

Our Thursday DIY post on the prettyblog today. Thank you to Nicola and Christine for all of their support this year. What a wonderful opportunity to be apart of their DIY team.

The party's on. The feelings here. That only comes this time of year. Simply having a wonderful Christmas time!!! 

We're getting into the Christmas spirit here at Elephantshoe and we thought it would be great to share some Printables with you to help make this Festive Season less of a frenzy and much more merry.


Little is greater than the feeling of sharing. 

I love to visit markets and stores to hunt and find the little bits and bobs that I know my friends and family would simply love to receive for Christmas. It isn't always that easy though, we can spend hours trying to work out the perfect gift for each special person. To give you an example my brother has sent me a couple of messages this week that go a little something like this, "What do you think dad would like for Christmas?", "What should I buy James for Christmas?", "What would you like for Christmas?", and I find myself sending out similar e-mails and sms's.

So I was thinking why not ask everyone to fIll out a stocking stuffer survey.That way you will know what people like and don't like, need and don't need. It makes things so much easier and it is also fun. 

Download our free Stocking Stuffer Dream List at the bottom of this post. Simply print, trim and hand these out to the lucky folk in your life.


Now for some organised fun. Compile a master list from these cards by downloading our "My Christmas Spoil List" at the bottom of this post. This will make your time in the stores a tiny bit easier while everyone else is dashing in a shopping mania. 


O.k so you now know what to get to bless everyone but what about those earrings and those shoes that you have been hoping and dreaming about all year round? Download our handy hint card at the bottom of this post and leave "Santa" a little reminder of some of the items you may like to receive.

It is close to Christmas but it also happens to be my Birthday today, yipppppeeeeeee! So we have come up with a small give away and you have the opportunity to WIN WIN WIN!! 


Simply "LIKE" both the Elephantshoe and the Blackframe facebook pages. Send your photographs of any of the DIY/Printable Elephantshoe projects that you have downloaded and used from theprettyblog this year with a short description on how it has made your life a little easier to sam@elephantshoelove.com. We will post them on facebook and announce the winner in the second week of January. 

 O.k O.k - so what do I win? 

Win a customised/personalised addressing stamp with your name, telephone number, address, e-mail and web address (if you have one) - designed by Elephantshoe just for you . Plus a stamp pad. This is really handy and serves as a letterhead on any stationery. I use mine on the letters I send out, my packaging and as a business card. 

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!!

Blackframe photography - we love you and we love the photography you have kindly taken of our Festive Season Printables. Thank you. Everyone head over to their blog. If you are planning a wedding in the New Year you know who to go to. 

Have a VERY MERRY Christmas and don't forget the real reason we celebrate.

Fa la la la la la la la la.

Happy List making!

love Sam 

from the "Elephant factory"