Fridge Poetry : {DIY Project}

It's our Thursday DIY contribution on theprettyblog and we have a super fun, cool and easy DIY project for you to download and put together. These little fridge pegs will help you to: remember the Birthdays that are coming up; keep an organized shopping list; clip together inspiration for your home or wedding; have important numbers handy and set reminders for your month ahead.


Simply download our printable PDF at the end of this post and follow the easy steps on how to put this fridge poetry together.



wooden pegs, paint, paint brush, double sided tape, super glue, magnetic strips or prestik.



  1. Please print page 2-3 of the downloaded document onto thick A4 card stock. {ivory paper is recommended}
  2. Trim each button by cutting along the outer edge.
  3. Paint a handful of wooden pegs in the colour of your choice. Or leave them in their natural raw wood colour.
  4. Attach a small magnet strip to the back of each peg with super glue. Or simply use a piece of prestik if your fridge is non-magnetic like this SMEG fridge.
  5. Attach a printed & trimmed  button to the top, bottom of each peg with double sided tape.
  6. Place on your fridge. Pin your inspiration, important telephone numbers, birthdays etc under each peg.

The absolutely gorgeous SMEG Fridge {oh I want one} in this post can be purchased from the very chic SMEG showroom in Bryanston, Johannesburg. Thank you to the kind folk there for allowing us to photograph this little beauty. 

Of course, once again THANK YOU to Blackframe Photography (our besties) for capturing all the cute pics in this post. Pop over to their blog and Facebook page to see some of their latest wedding photography. 

Happy painting and pegging.

love Sam 

from the "Elephant factory"

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