We're Celebrating my folks 40th year Wedding Anniversary

It's the 15th of January today and also my parents 40th year of being married. WOW, FORTY YEARS!!! We're sending them a whole lot of love to congratulate them and a big thank you for being such amazing role models to my brothers, sister and I.

Here they are 40 years ago in the back seat of their going away car, I just love this pic.


Here are a few tips they have shared with us on how to have a long lasting marriage. 

1. Keep doing what you did when you first met.

2. Your partner should be your confidant and your best friend.

3. Never ever lose your manners.

4. It's still cool to hold hands after 40 years of marriage.

5. Laugh together.

6. Have an open and trusting relationship with each other and your children if you have any.

7. A relationship with God.