Our shoppe is going live in the morning

It's Wednesday the 31st of July 2013 and by the time I hit publish on this post the clock would have turned over to a new day. A day James and I have been dreaming of for months on months, and a day I think i've had in my heart for years. Thursday 1 August 2013 marks the launch of our very own Elephantshoe shoppe and a new and beyond exciting journey for James and I as both a family and business team. 

Looking through all the products we have added and the changes we have made to the look and feel of Eleshoe, I sometimes can't believe it's the two of us working away here late into the early hours of each morning and that's when I remember how lucky we are to have such wonderful people in our lives. From our family and friends to our amazing and talented collegues, everyone has supported our dream, encouraged us and guided us in the right direction. This post is dedicated to you.

Andre and Maritsa from Blackframe Photography where would James and I be with out you. Thank you. A very special mention goes to Isabel who works with us everyday and of course to Shoshanna and Christine from Aeolidia. Sammy-Jane, WOW what can we say Thank you. The copy you have written is more than we could ever of hoped and dreamed. We appreciate absolutley everything that everyone has sacrificed to help us get to this day. . . A day when loveliness abounds.

So raise a toast to memories. Pop the bubbly, toss the streamers and sprinkle the glitter. Let’s dance to life getting better and better.