OUR Prettyblog DIY : Hooray for Spring

Take a look at our latest DIY on theprettyblog. It's  Spring day here in our beautiful South Africa. I can already hear the birds chirping, the sun is shining and it’s getting easier to wake up earlier each day. Hooray for Spring! If you feel the same about the arrival of this fresh and lovely season, celebrate by downloading our Cake Topper PDF and follow the easy directions below. You can even use our “Hooray” bunting for other projects like a baby shower,  kitchen tea, engagement or on your wedding cake. 

We recently showed the viewers of the Expresso Morning show on SABC3 how to make this versatile DIY. View the Cake Topper utube video tutorial to help you along.

If you are searching for a yummy cake recipe then go no further, here are a few featured on theprettyblog.



  1. A  deliciously yummy cake, or you can make one of the recipes featured above.
  2. Thick card paper stock.
  3. 1 x craft knife, ruler & cutting mat.
  4. Paper straws or long wooden cocktail sticks.
  5. Twine. 
  6. Double sided tape.


  1. Download and print page 2-4 of our sping cake toppers pdf.
  2. Cut the mini bunting with a craft knife & fold in half and open again, to create a crease.
  3. Attach a piece of double sided tape to the inside of the bunting triangle.
  4. Measure the length between the two straws or cocktail sticks, with a piece of twine, making sure there is a bit extra at each end so that you can wrap it around the straws or sticks.
  5. Peal the backside of the two-way tape and place the twine in the fold of the bunting triangle.
  6. Fold the pieces of bunting in half, making sure that the twine is secure at the top where the crease is. 
  7. Tie the twine to each of the straws or sticks, leaving a small bit to hang.
  8. Insert the straws or sticks into the cake.

A BIG thank you to Andre from the incredible Blackframe Photography for popping by to our studio to photograph our DIY.  Please visit their blog to see more of their extraordinary wedding photography.

Happy cake & topper making!

love Sam x x x

from the “Elephant factory”