Elephantshoe “Hot Out The Oven” Free Printable

Today our new "Cookie Pocket Printable" was featured on theprettyblog. Take a look here to see what it was all about. 

When winter’s chills creep in we all crave some comfort and often a little cheer-me-up! Sometimes the answer to these cravings can be found hiding in the kitchen. Whether it’s a cup of tea, warm cocoa, a hearty vegetable soup or perhaps something sweet and homemade that will warm you up from the inside. We like to get creative and whip up some yummy goodies for our family and friends.

This week we were inspired to make jam heart biscuits to enjoy with our endless cups of tea here in the office, (luckily this tasty recipe can be found over on The Pretty Blog). They are delicious as a small afternoon treat or as naughty midnight snack, but we believe sharing is caring and we wanted our friends to try them too. We’ve designed a nifty little cookie pocket for your home-baked biscuits. Simply download the free printable PDF, select your favourite design from the various patterns and colours and follow the easy steps to fold your biscuit pocket. Pop in your delicious homemade goods, seal it with the printable sticker or a kiss and give it to a dear friend as a little something to say “I care for you”. 


  • A4 Paper Card Stock
  • Wax paper
  • Scissors / Craft Knife & Ruler
  • Spray Glue
  • Double Sided Tape
  • A Fresh Batch of Cookies


  1. Print the cookie pocket and round sticker design that you love from this PDF on an A4 sheet of paper.
  2. Cut a 20cm x 20cm square of wax paper and glue it on the back of your A4 print with spray glue.
  3. Trimm the cookie pocket with scissors or a craft knife along the outer edge of the print.
  4. Write a message for the lucky person that will be receiving your homemade treats.
  5. Fold in the corners of your biscuit pocket to make an envelope (the wax paper should be inside the pocket).
  6. Glue down or stick  these corners with double sided tape to form a square envelope.
  7. Cut out the round sticker from the print.
  8. Bake a fresh batch of delicious cookies.

Thank you as always to our awesome friends at Blackframe Photography for shooting these images with us. We appreciate all the time that you put into our collaboration DIY projects. Thank you Andre and Maritsa. 


We're giving away two maple wooden stamps, one that reads Handmade by Me” and another that reads “Fragile handle with care”. To stand a chance to win one of these two beauties simply keep an eye on theprettyblog social media pages for more information. Enter via either facebook , twitter or instagram, tag @Elephantshoe_ and @theprettyblog, with the tag line #happinessishomemade & share with us your favourite Elephantshoe DIY project that has been featured on The Pretty Blog to date. *terms and conditions apply. Entries only accepted from South African Residents for delivery & shipping reasons.

Entries close 21 July 2014 at 12pm. Winners must correspond within 3 days after they have been contacted via Social Media.

Our Elephantshoe "Happily Ever After Jar"

Last week Thursday we had the privilege of having another one of our DIY projects featured over on theprettyblog. Today I'm sharing it here on our Ellieshoe blog incase you missed it. 

In this year, 2 lovely ladies in my life will be getting married, my brothers fiancé Megan and my close friend Melissa. (How wonderful!) I have the special honour of being a bridesmaid at both of these significant occasions which has had me brainstorming cute and unique ideas to spoil these bride to be's.

Maybe you find you're in a similarly position, perhaps you are the mother of the bride, or you're a guest at a wedding coming up? This free printable is definitely for you.

Our Elephantshoe "Happily Ever After Jar" is a large Consol Jar filled with 15 days of marriage advice cards, 1 for each of the 15 days leading up to the BIG day. The messages are designed to be small reminders to the bride of the real reason behind her wedding day, to help her take her mind off of all the planning, the stresses, the details and have a moment in the day where she can focus on her future marriage and life after the dress. 

What I love most about the jar is you can place extra special spoils in the jar along with the messages like coffee vouchers, spa pampers, earrings and nail polish to personalise your gift. In a way it is like a bridal advent calendar. 


  1. Download your "Happily Ever After Jar"
  2. Print pages 2-7 of the downloaded document onto a white A4 card stock. 
  3. Cut out the happiness cards and the labels using a craft knife and ruler or a pair of scissors. 
  4. Fold the happiness cards in half, punch through the end of both sides of the folded card with a single hole punch. Thread through twine or ribbon closing the two sides together and make a small bow. 
  5. Add additional small special spoils to the jar for the bride to be, e.g. coffee voucher, earrings, nail polish.
  6. Place all 15 happiness cards in a large Consol mason jar and screw on the lid. 
  7. Using spray glue, apply glue to the back of one of the circular labels and stick this to the top of the jar lid.
  8. Punch the name label in the centre of the grey spot and thread through your choice of  twine or ribbon, write the bride to be’s name and attach this label to the neck of the jar.
  9. Lastly apply double sided tape to the little handmade label and stick this over the lid and the neck of the glass jar. 

Purchase the TWINE featured here from our Elephantshoe shoppe.

Recycle a jar you already have in your cupboard. Use our blank name tags to address your jar.

Recycle a jar you already have in your cupboard. Use our blank name tags to address your jar.

Tie your marriage advice cards up like small parcels with twine and pop them into the jar. This way the bride to be won't see all the messages at once,

Tie your marriage advice cards up like small parcels with twine and pop them into the jar. This way the bride to be won't see all the messages at once,

This jar of happiness will show how much you care and it is simple and easy to put together. I hope that it inspires you to create and be creative.

All the gorgeous photos in this post are taken by Andre from Blackframe Photography. 

Happy Ever After

Love Sam from the Elephantshoe Factory

Our Pretty Blog Free Printable Valentines Card : "Love Spelt Out"

How do you say “I love you”? Simply say Elephantshoe!

OR you can print out this FREE PRINTABLE and give the one you love a card this Valentines day.

If you've left your valentines plans for tomorrow to the last minute then this printable is for you. Choose from 4 designs; HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, ME&U, BE MINE & LOVE.



  1. Please print pages 2-5 of the downloaded document onto a quality A4 paper. (I like kraft card)
  2. Trim the cards using a ruler and a craft knife & the provided crop marks.
  3. Fold in half . (These cards are all landscape).
  4. Write your message inside with a pen or pencil.
  5. Pop into an envelope or colourful flat bitty bag. (You can purchase these directly from our online shoppe)

Our friend Andre from Blackframe Photography took all the beautiful Valentines pics featured in this post. Visit their photography website here.

Have HAPPY VALENTINES with the people you love!

Love Sam